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4hr Abbreviated Adult Training

Adult driver education course FAQ's

About the State Requirements

  1. What am I required to take if I failed my first attempt at the maneuverability and/or road test?
    The state of Ohio requires you to attend a 4-hour Abbreviated Adult Training Course, as well as perform additional behind-the-wheel training. For the behind-the-wheel training, you can choose to practice with a licensed driver 21 years or older (24 hours of driving required) OR complete 4 hours of driving with a licensed instructor.

  2. I decided to spend 4 hours with a licensed instructor to meet the behind-the-wheel requirements. Is there anything I should know in advance?
    At the end of your driving instruction, you will be given a 15-20 minute examination by the instructor.

  3. How long do I have to complete the behind-the-wheel training once I’ve taken the 4 hour Abbreviated Adult Training Course?
    You must complete both the adult driver education course and the behind-the-wheel driver training within 3 months of the first day you start the training course.

About the Course

  1. Do I need to do anything besides take this adult drivers ed course to meet the state requirement?
    You will need to either accumulate 24 hours of additional behind-the-wheel driving practice with a licensed driver 21 years or older OR sign up for a 4-hour driving instruction class with a licensed instructor.

  2. Can I take the 4 hour classroom and the 4 hour driving instruction in 1 day?
    You can only schedule 2 hours with a driving instructor on the same day as the classroom portion. You will need to take the other 2 hours on a separate day.

  3. After I take the 4 hour driving instruction will I be able to get my license?
    After you have completed the behind the wheel instruction there will have a 15-20 driving evaluation.

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