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Ohio House Bill 154 to allow running a red traffic light!

Ohio traffic laws

You have to be kidding! Another new law for Ohio drivers, but this one is complete insanity!

Imagine a law that allows people to run a red light, legally. Ohio law makers seem to think that it is a good idea to do just that. That’s right your heard me correctly, House Bill 154 will take effect March 21, 2017 and will allow drivers to proceed through a red light legally. But just like any law, it is not that simple and there will be consequences for anyone that does run a red light. You may be asking, how can there be consequences if there is a law that allows it? Let me explain. The law states that a driver can proceed through a red light if the vehicle detector is malfunctioning. If a person runs a red light and is involved in a crash, they will be charged with the crime if the vehicle detector is found to be working properly. As of right now there is no set time limit anyone has to wait until they person can decide whether the vehicle detector is malfunctioning. Just know that anyone that proceeds through a red light will be taking their life in to their hands and possibly the life of another person.

I understand how frustrating it is to be at a light that changes to yellow immediately after turning green. Or seeing the light cycle through but never turn green for you. But, allowing someone to proceed through a light does not seem like the only way to solve the problem. I just think spending a little longer weighing out the pros and the cons would save lives and perhaps they can find a way to amend the law to make it safer for everyone. As of right now, people running red lights is a very big and very serious issue countrywide. This law can potentially give them an excuse, and possibly cause them to do it more often. It is no secret that running a red light can kill someone and this law can increase the chances of traffic fatalities. My advice is to continue driving carefully, be aware of your surroundings and of the other drivers especially at an intersection. If you encounter a malfunctioning light contact law enforcement.

Buckle up, drive safely.