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New Distracted Driving Laws Can Cost You Big

New Ohio Law - NO texting and driving

Distracted Driving TicketToday Distracted Driving Laws were strengthened in Ohio. House Bill 95, sponsored by State Representatives Jim Hughes and Bill Seitz, make distracted driving a secondary offense punishable by fines up to $100.

Here is the hot take-a-way. If you’re under 18 and have a Learners Permit you can’t text while driving PERIOD. Police can pull you over for it even though it is a secondary offense. Meaning that for adult drivers there needs to be another more severe reason to get pulled over but if there is, they can tack this on as well. But if you’re a teen driving driving on a Learners Permit in Ohio, do not text and drive. Just don’t. If you do and get caught you’re going to get hammered.

Here is the law on that.
Sec. 4511.205. (A) No holder of a temporary instruction permit who has not attained the age
of eighteen years and no holder of a probationary driver’s license shall drive a motor vehicle on any
street, highway, or property used by the public for purposes of vehicular traffic or parking while
using in any manner an electronic wireless communications device.

But there are exceptions:
(1) A person using an electronic wireless communications device for emergency purposes,
including an emergency contact with a law enforcement agency, hospital or health care provider, fire
department, or other similar emergency agency or entity;
(2) A person using an electronic wireless communications device whose motor vehicle is in a
stationary position and the motor vehicle is outside a lane of travel;
(3) A person using a navigation device in a voice-operated or hands-free manner who does
not manipulate the device while driving.

And if you get caught?
(C)(1) Except as provided in division (C)(2) of this section, whoever violates division (A) of
this section shall be fined one hundred fifty dollars. In addition, the court shall impose a class seven
suspension of the offender’s driver’s license or permit for a definite period of sixty days.

Ticket for distracted drivingA second violation is $300.

As a young driver if you took any drivers education it was beat into your head repeatedly about how teen drivers cause the most accidents, the most severe accidents and how accidents are the leading cause of death among late teens that start driving.

If you read more than one of our blogs here or the information posted on this site it sure sounds like we intend to be kill-joys. But we care about our students and we try to do all we can about educating them on the dangers of driving.

Driving vehicles, although we have marginalized it because it is a daily task, is very dangerous. You might not think so because we never thing bad things are going to happen to us. They happen to other people. Well, those other people were you at one point. You have got to be safe and very alert the first couple of years when driving.

I covered this in another post but the reason you want to be so cautious the first couple of years is most of the time driving is uneventful. It is when something goes wrong that you need to learn how to react properly. The problem is there is no real training for that and your first instance of dealing with an accident could be your last. Lots of people that are a lot better drivers than you die every day. You just don’t have the accumulated knowledge to know what to do in every given situation. So you have to be more aware than the next guy.

Please do not text and drive.