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Ohio shows how many people have died on the roads as a stern reminder.

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Ohio will use their digital signs to give the count of traffic fatalities.

Ohio will join a list of states that are using their digital signs to remind drivers that driving is dangerous and requires our full and undivided attention. These digital signs that are currently used to tell people of traffic conditions, Amber Alerts and Silver Alerts. But these signs will now alert drivers to something new, it will show the numbers of people that have died due to traffic related causes. The signs will cycle through the Silver Alerts which are used to alert people to missing people, especially senior citizens. Amber Alerts that show information regarding child abductions. Traffic safety information such as “drive sober or get pulled over” and now they will add the number of people that have been killed on the road year-to-date.

This time last year there were 411 traffic fatalities, this year that number is 454. That is an increase in fatalities. The trends have been rising, as of the beginning of the year there has been an 82 percent increase in traffic fatalities in involving commercial vehicles. Out of the increase involving commercial vehicles the truck drivers were at fault 37 percent of the time. That is not all, there has been an increase of almost 27 percent of traffic fatalities involving people 65 years old or older. Any increase in these statistics is terrible, but the increases that we are seeing are significant and tragic.

Driving should not be taken lightly, it is very dangerous. We need to make a conscious choice to drive focused and aware. It is a choice that needs to be at the top of our minds all of the time spent behind the wheel. I doubt that people get in there car with the intentions of driving recklessly but it happens. Life does not stop when we are behind the wheel, calls and texts come in and there are times that we feel that they cannot wait, but they can. As soon as you divide your focus from driving and something else, you increase your chances of being involved in a crash. These signs I think will help people stay focused on driving. When they see this sign that reminds them that someone was killed the same road that they are on doing the same thing that they are doing I think they will make the choice to drive safely. We need to do our part to ensure that we do not become another number added to the sign.