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Ohio has 5 of the 100 worst truck-congested Areas in the United States.

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Out of 100 of the worst truck-congested areas, Ohio has 5, and 3 are in Cincinnati.

I am going to list where the 5 areas in Ohio that made the list. Remember that this is a list of 100 worst truck-congested areas in the whole country, the #1 spot being the highest congested area. You might be surprised where Ohio stands in the ratings (or you might not be that surprised if you drive in those areas). Coming in at #84 is the I-75/I-71 at I-275 in Cincinnati, #67 I-71 at I-70 in Columbus, #50 is I-75 at US 35 in Dayton, and #35 is I-75 at I-74 in Cincinnati. Last but not least out of 100 areas Ohio’s highest truck-congested area comes in at number *drumroll* 5! The #5 out of 100 location is I-75 at I-75 in Cincinnati. If you are frequently driving in these areas it might not come as a surprise. And remember, this list includes the whole country.

Now just because they are the highest “truck-congested” areas that does not mean it is all the truck drivers fault. Everyone plays a roll in the congestion. Distracted driving and bad driving habits play a large roll in contributing to the traffic congestion.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you safe when you share the roads with trucks. Although trucks are large and can see a great distance, they have significant blind spots. Staying out of these blind spots will help the truck driver see you and that in turn will keep you safe. Trucks transport 70% or more of the nation’s goods and all of those goods translate to a lot of weight. When sharing the roads with trucks remember that trucks need a lot of braking distance. It takes more space for a truck to come to a complete stop than a car, SUV or a pickup truck. Give them the space they need. If you need to get in front of a truck be sure to give a lot of space just in case you need to come to a fast stop, never get cut in front of a truck, if you have to come to an immediate stop the truck may not be able to stop in time. One more safety tip, focus on what you are doing. Driving requires 100% of your attention, do not drive distracted, even taking your eyes off the road can cause you to rear end someone.

Remember to be courteous.
As always buckle up and drive safely.