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Ohio issuing new, more secure, Driver’s Licenses

Ohio New License and ID

Too keep up with the standard of security that most states employ now Ohio issuing new Driver’s License and has made a change to driver’s licensees to meet the more secure requirements.  One other important thing to know is that unlike in times past when you would get your license from the DMV when you went in to get it, they are now mailed to you via snail mail.

The reason for the mailing is that in times past the equipment used to make drivers licenses was stolen from DMV buildings.  This allowed the thieves to produce actual drivers licenses.  To stop that from happening they are producing them in one place and there are no machines to steal.  Keeping the process more secure.

So what do you need to do in Ohio to get your new license?

You just go to your local DMV office and get a new license.  The difference will be is that you will be given a temporary or an interim Id that is paperwork from the DMV office verifying that you are in the waiting period to get your valid card mailed to you.

How long does it take to get my new license?

It takes about 10 business days to get your new, more secure drivers license or ID card in the mail.

There are two kinds, what do I get?

There are two types, a compliant card and a Standard card.  The standard car just lets you do things like buy alcohol or cigarettes.  Minor things like that.  But if you travel you will need the “compliant” card.   For the compliant card you need to following items for identification:

  • full legal name
  • date of birth
  • social security number
  • proof of Ohio residency
  • proof of legal presence

Here is a list of acceptable documents CLICK HERE.


  • The compliant card has a star in the upper part of the card.
  • The compliant card can be used to fly or enter federal facilities, including military bases.
  • You must provide all required identity documents to receive a compliant card.
  • A compliant card cannot solely be used for international travel. International travel, including Canada and Mexico, still requires a passport.


  • A standard card cannot be used to fly, enter federal facilities or military bases without additional documentation approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or other federal requirements, as needed.
  • An Ohio standard driver license or identification card needs no additional documentation at time of renewal.

Both cards allow you to prove your identity for tasks like buying alcohol, obtaining social services or registering to vote, with just the driver’s license allowing you to lawfully operate a motor vehicle.

When does this start?

July 2, 2018.


When does it end?

October 1. 2020.


For a more complete list of FAQs you can visit the Ohio BMV website by CLICKING HERE.