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Even with life-saving technology, the roads are getting more dangerous.

Life-saving technology

Deadly crashes are higher than ever.

Vehicles safety technology has advanced light-years from where it used to be. Starting from the first headlight in 1889, in 1903 where disk brakes were shown to be more effective then drum brakes. Even windshield wipers were introduced in 1889. A big leap was when airbags were introduced on 1984 that showed a drastic increase in driver safety if used in conjunction with a seat belt. Now cars can have as many as eight airbags in their car. There is blind-spot warnings that alert the driver of a vehicle in their blind-spot. We are even seeing more and more cars coming with automatic brake, these brakes stop the car for the driver in an event of an emergency.

Even with all of these advancements in life-saving technology our roads are becoming deadlier. There were 40,000 people killed in traffic related crashes last year. That 110 people a day. There are a lot of people that are scared of flying because of fear that the plane would crash. But there is a much greater chance of being involved in a deadly crash than in a plane crash. One of my recent blog post showed that Ohio has had an increase in traffic related fatalities from last year.

Why are the roads getting deadlier despite all the technology available to save lives?

Sadly the answer is simple, it is because of us, the drivers. A recent survey showed that 47% of drivers are comfortable texting and driving. That is HALF of the drivers surveyed! There are 10% of drivers that even admit to driving under the influence or alcohol or marijuana. 16% of the drivers admit to not wearing seat belts. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel naked without my seat belt on. I laugh when people try and justify not wearing a seat belt because of the slight chance that the seat belt gets stuck if you drive off a bridge or your catches on fire. Yes those things are possible but not likely, you are more likely to be involved in a crash than anything else, and a small crash could be deadly without a seat belt. 88% percent of drivers admit to speeding, running red lights and texting while driving withing the last 30 days.

If you did not notice, every single one of the dangerous behaviors are in our control. We need to be responsible and choose to drive safely. Driving safely is a literally not figuratively a life or death decision. Unfortunately to many people choose the wrong one and people have paid the price.