Standard Shipping & Express Options

Standard Shipping With a Tracking Number is INCLUDED FREE!

2Cool Traffic School offers the best shipping in the industry.  We ship every single weekday (Monday – Friday)!

The state of Ohio requires that you receive a certified copy of your certificate of completion in a hard copy (statute 4501-8-10-(d)).  An email version will not work.  You need the hard copy.  So we have provided you a few options for shipping so that you can make the proper arrangements for time constraints and your budget.

First – you should know that if you are doing this in plenty of time and the 5 – 7 days of waiting time are not an issue, then there is nothing for you to do!  Your shipping is included FREE with a tracking number.  Just complete your course by 11:30 AM and that is pretty much it.  Just check back in a couple hours to get your tracking number.  If you finish after that just check the next day and your number will be waiting there for you after 11:30 AM.   If you’re working late or on the weekends your certificates are the first thing we do in the mornings so we get them out by the 11:30 AM mail pickup.


If you need it over night we offer it for $38.99 half what some of our competitors charge.


If you need it in 2 days that is only $26.99.  Again, half what our competitors charge.


Our 3 day shipping is only $13.99

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