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Teens might be required to interact with cops

teen interacting with cop

New law proposed in Ohio

There’s a new proposed law on the market in Ohio. State Senator Sandra Williams is responsible for proposing Senate Bill 16. This bill will require teens to learn how to interact with law enforcement properly. Currently, the Ohio Department of Public Safety has a collaborative community-police advisory board whose agenda is to improve community-police relations. They try to do this by visiting different groups and venues to discuss problems and possible solutions on how to build better relationships between law enforcement and the community. They target groups at high schools, churches, youth camps and more.

However, Sen. Williams doesn’t think that this is enough. The bill that she proposes specifically asks for proper interactions between civilians and peace officers during traffic stops in addition to other in-person encounters. The training would include teaching the differences between a civilian’s rights and a peace officer’s rights during their encounter. It would also include role-play activities that might develop a better understanding of how interactions between cops and civilians can and should unfold.

Why it’s important for teens to know how to interact with cops

It seems like our country has been divided lately and a lot of this has to do with cops. We see all over the news that cops and civilians are attacking each other. Regardless of the factors that play into these issues, our teenagers are being exposed to videos of these violent interactions on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. How our teens interact with cops reflect what they see in these videos. Law enforcement is portrayed as the enemy in most of these cases.

If a teen has never had to interact with a police officer, then they could default to the behavior they see in those videos. However, if a teen is required to take training on how to interact with cops, then they would have a better idea on how to interact with them properly.