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To Shiggy or not to Shiggy…

One of the latest viral crazes hitting the Internet is something that has been called a “Shiggy”.  The reason we are mentioning it is because it takes place while, what else, driving.  Not to be the old man screaming “get off my lawn” but driving vehicles is dangerous enough.  You don’t need to be adding nonsense to it.  People die doing this stuff.

What is funny about this is that the original “Shiggy” had nothing to do with moving vehicles.  It started with the comedian, Shiggy, posting a video of him doing a dance a lot like the dance Carlton used to do on the Fresh Prince.  But this was even sillier.

He posted it with the phrase “KEKE DO YOU LOVE ME” of him just dancing in the street to the chorus of Drake’s track In My Feelings.  Pretty silly but harmless.

But bring in a top athlete with Odell Beckham Jr. and him stepping out of vehicle and it was just a matter of time before one-upsmanship would have people doing stupid stuff.

It has escalated to people having the jam on and stepping out of moving vehicles doing the Shiggy.  To be honest, there are some pretty funny videos of friends pranking friends doing this and then hitting the brakes causing them to crash into the open passenger door.  I’ve laughed too hard at more than one of those.  But where it is getting dangerous is that drivers of the vehicles are now getting out.


Didn’t think I would ever have to tell someone that.  It is a pretty common sense thing but you know, people.

The most dangerous things that are happening now is people are doing what equates to jumping out of moving cars.  A lot of people do not realize the speed of vehicles and that they are going way to fast for them to ever keep up with the car but they don’t know it.  They open the door and attempt to step out and often do a face plant into the pavement.  Now you have a driver-less car headed down the road.  Not to mention the possibility of plastic surgery to repair any damage if you are lucky enough to escape death. All for the sake of a laugh and basically no internet fame because it is so overdone now. It’s history like the duckface.  Only your friends are going to see your stupidity.  Oh, and probably potential employers.

This is one of those things that “everyone” is doing and you just want to be a part of what is hot and fun.  The problem is that there is a percentage of people that this goes very, very wrong for and they end up with a boat load of problems. Wrecked cars to smashed teeth and a face with road rash. And I’d say mark my words but I am here doing just that, someone is going to die doing this.  There always is. A kid in Florida already posted a video of him being struck by another vehicle because why would someone be dancing in the middle of the road???

There are a lot of things to do that aren’t the smartest.  But when a vehicle is involved it is never a good idea to do anything with them except drive where you need to go.  They are just too dangerous.  Something bad happens when you start screwing around.   And if the vehicles themselves aren’t dangerous enough just think of some of the people you know driving them.  Do you really think  it is a good idea?