Want a $250 Amazon Card?

Win $250 from the Ohio Turnpike

Ohio recently enacted a distracted driving law that, although it impacts all drivers, is particularly focused on preventing teen drivers from using electronics while driving.  For most drivers it is a secondary offense.  Meaning that you need to commit a more serious offense to get pulled over and then they can give you a ticket.  But not for teens.  Nope, the police see you texting and driving or on your phone you can get pulled over for that alone.  And the fines are not cheap $150!  The point is they don’t want teens to be using electronics while driving.  Period!

So to help promote this new law and not only make people aware of the law but why it was passed,  the Ohio Turnpike has a contest going for high school students (grade 9 – 12) to create a 6 – 60 second promotional video for the W82TXT (wait to text) video contest.

You can win a $250 Amazon Gift Card for yourself and $500 for your school!  Do we have any aspiring producers or directors out there?

The contest ended…