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Why have the Ohio 4 Hour Driving Course? Adult Abbreviated Driving Course.

2Cool Traffic School 4 Hour Abbreviated Driving Course

You need to take the Ohio Adult Abbreviated Driving Course or the 4 Hour Driving Course because you waited until you were 18 years or older, an adult, and you failed a portion of the driving test.  Either the driving skills or the maneuverability portion and you need this course before you can re-take the test.  It is mandated by the state that you take this course.

The 4 Hour Abbreviated Driving course is a timed course covering the most important road skills that every driver should know and practice.  The course covers the following topics:

  • Basic Control Tasks
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Perception and Driving Strategies for Different Environments
  • Operating in Adverse Conditions
  • Driver Fitness
  • Responsibilities of owning and maintaining a car.

But the classroom is only part of it. Because you failed a driving part of the test practicing your driving skills is an important part as well.

For the driving portion you have two choices. You can either do it in 4 hours with a licensed, professional driving instructor. That is going to set you back between $200 – $400. Or, you can get a family member or friend that is over the age of 21 who will sit with you for 24 hours while you practice your driving skills. The thing is that if you choose the latter you can only drive 4 hours each day meaning you’re going to need at least 6 days to complete your driving.

Ohio Maneuverability test graphicOne of the important things to keep in mind is that if you do decide to do this with a friend or family member you should practice your maneuverability skills as well. To do this you will need to find an area that you can set up markers or cones so you can practice. In my home town there was a spot in a church parking lot where the local drivers education schools had placed markers on the ground where they set up the cones so you didn’t have to measure anything. Most areas have some place like this. All you need to do is come up with cones or markers to place on the marks. Then practice.

The problem is that you will only need these markers a couple times and then never need them again. One of the tricks I’ve seen on the Internet is to use boots and brooms for your markers. Just set the boot on the spot and put the broom or mop handle-first down in the boot. It is good enough to get the job done. I’ve seen others make elaborate pole stands out of PVC that work great. Problem is that if you don’t have a family where they are going to get used more than once it is a lot of effort and expense for something you need about an hour or two of your life. But make no mistake you need to practice maneuverability. Do it enough that you are completely comfortable with it.

For the standard driving you need to practice the following:

  • Stop and start
  • Turn around and back up
  • Perform turns
  • Use vehicle turn signals
  • Drive in the correct lane
  • Maintain a safe following distance
  • Proper lane change and merge.

If you master these skills you will be a competent driver. Too often people get lazy and ignore the basic skills you learn while learning. Today there is a big problem with driving and texting. As a new driver you have not acquired the skills to be distracted in any way. No texting, no talking on the phone. For the first couple of years your driving should be completely focused. After that time you will have seen enough on the road paying close attention that you can predict what many drivers will do.